Strategic Meetings Management
Seamlessly manage your event strategy. Maximise your results whilst minimising cost.

What is Strategic Meetings Management?

A robust Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) process enables the ability to seamlessly manage policy, payment and insightful management information reporting in a single vendor environment. Put another way – it ensures the best possible management of all of your meeting and event planning through one co-ordinated strategy that will ensure brilliant, integrated events with quantifiable results every time. What’s not to love!

'Expert',  'Specialist' and  'Outstanding' is in the DNA of everything we do

Will it help? Will make it more efficient? Will it save time? What will be the impact on price? Will it achieve best value? Will it inspire? Will it innovate? These are key questions we ask at every stage of our work with our customers.

Partnering with ExecSpace for your Strategic Meetings Management Program will take your management of this area of spend to the next level – drive efficiencies, deliver transparency and return tangible results to your organisation.

'Strategy' doesn't need to feel overwhelming

We dispel the myth or complexity of SMM. The key to effective Strategic Meetings Management is through transparency.

We produce flat raw spend data

We analyse the spend data and identify trends

We use this to concisely present insightful management information

We support our customers in making informed buying decisions supported by credible evidence

want this means for your business

Through analysing the spend data and identifying trends we can track your enquiry to any number of traits: confirmation lead times, high demand times, benchmarking rates, spend year on year, geographical distribution of spend, cost avoidance, dynamic savings – the list is endless.

By capturing crucial information during the planning cycle, we can maximise what you learn and how you grow from one experience to the next. Our customers can be empowered in knowing that any buying decision they make is based on integrated evidence. Our SMM expertise can be used to set policies and drive best practice across an entire organisation whilst effectively controlling all Meeting and Events expenditure. 

We implemented ExecSpace in 2016. From a procurement perspective, they’ve delivered what they promised and it’s a very smooth supplier relationship. They’re responsive, friendly, proactive and nothing is too much bother when it comes to their customers. From a booker perspective, we’ve received very positive feedback which is absolutely key to encouraging the business to use ExecSpace


Are you ready to take your meetings and events management to the next level?