Our Client Portal
Built focussing on the needs of our customers, our Client Portal delivers the best results quickly and reliably.

client portal

built to meet our customer's needs

Our venue finding team are always on hand to give you one to one guidance and advice on event planning and venue booking. However we know that some clients want more autonomy for their smaller, more regular venue booking needs. 

Our Client Portal was built focussing on the needs of our customers – both from a Procurement perspective and to give Event Planners an intuitive online platform; to submit enquiries, manage their bookings and conduct detailed searches.

Our bespoke automated booking system is the perfect tool for facilitating booking whilst maintaining tracking and metrics.

Why use It?

Book venues wherever and whenever you are with our 24/7 access.

Find the perfect venue in the perfect location with the use of multiple filters.

Streamline and simplify your process. No more need for multiple excel sheets!

The system will store all of your activity allowing your team easy access to inciteful granular data​

Access real-time data

Our Client Portal provides Procurement/Finance real time information and insightful data relating to spend, savings and trends. This gives our customers the opportunity to really get to grips with Meetings & Events category expenditure. Regardless of geography or department, all information and metrics are accessible within just a few simple steps and clicks of your mouse! 

Streamline your record keeping

As an event planner or organiser, our Client Portal offers a simple, low touch approach for generating enquiries, managing amendments and bookings. It is simpler and more efficient than managing meeting and event requests via Outlook or on an Excel workbook. All booking information – past, present and future is in one secure place and easily accessible – when you need it.

Learn more

Learn more… please contact – Louise Lowe, Managing Director for a demonstration and trial.

Elevate your meetings and events processes to an online intuitive environment.