4 January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, a brilliant time with your family and friends and a relaxing break from work!

This is my 2nd blog and much like the 1st one, there’s been quite a bit of procrastination, given I’ve been meaning to write it since early December. My PA – also Emma (I’m not talking about myself in the 3rd person – that’d be weird) even pencilled in 2 hours in my diary on 21st, but I found myself in the Jenners restaurant, enjoying an Empire biscuit whilst colour-coding my sent items.

Kristin Lamb promoted to Head of Sales and Service

Kristin Lamb, formerly Head of Public Sector has been promoted internally to Head of Sales and Service for ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies.
In her new role, Kristin will have overall responsibility for the service provided by the sales team and she will continue to build strong relationships with clients and deliver exceptional service.

31 October 2018

This is my first blog. In all honesty, I never thought I’d write a blog, it’s not really my thing, but what can I say – Pam (our PR person) is persuasive. So, after much procrastinating – I’ve been to the kitchen 3 times now, straightened everything on my desk twice and checked my empty voicemail (even though I knew I had no messages) – I’d better get on with it.