ExecSpace Launches New Service to Assist Customers Transitioning to Virtual Events

ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies has today announced that they will be adding a new service to their portfolio, specifically dedicated to supporting meeting and event planners transition seamlessly into the world of virtual events. The decision to innovate their product offering is a direct response to customer demand, as many […]

Are you getting the best value from your venue?

Kristin Lamb, Head of Sales and Service for ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies, shares some key insights to help achieve competitive pricing when booking a venue for your event

Venue recommendations for Christmas events

Planning a Christmas event is no easy feat, and choosing the perfect venue could very well be the single most important detail of the whole process. To help with gaining the most value and return on investment from your meetings and events budget, ExecSpace have compiled a list of some of our venue recommendations for Christmas events.

The key questions you should ask before committing to a venue

After choosing the most suitable venue to host your event, the temptation might just be to throw down a deposit without considering some very important questions that you need to ask the venue first. Emma Little, Founder and CEO of ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies, has outlined a number of key questions that event planners should ask before committing to any deposit or signing a contract.

Summer Meeting and Event Venues

With summer just around the corner, it’s important for meeting and event planners to start thinking ahead in terms of their seasonal venue choices as the summer months provide a great opportunity to utilise the benefits of the better weather and outdoor venue options. It’s a well-known fact that office workers are spending too much time sitting down at their desks, so this is the perfect time of year for businesses to encourage their clients and teams to get outside more.

The five questions you should consider when searching for a venue for your event…

Choosing the most suitable venue to host your event is never easy and every event planner needs a clear vision and firm plan in place from the get go. Emma Little, Founder and CEO of ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies has outlined a number of questions that event planners need to ask themselves before choosing the perfect venue for their occasion:

Venue and Event Trend Predictions for 2019 by ExecSpace

2019 is set to be a big year for the events industry, which according to the Events are GREAT Britain report is now estimated to be worth a staggering £39.1bn. There are some 1.3m meetings held in the UK each year so the team here at ExecSpace have spent time talking to customers and analysing booking data to understand the five key trends which we believe are set to define the venue and events industry this coming year, and beyond.

4 January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, a brilliant time with your family and friends and a relaxing break from work!

This is my 2nd blog and much like the 1st one, there’s been quite a bit of procrastination, given I’ve been meaning to write it since early December. My PA – also Emma (I’m not talking about myself in the 3rd person – that’d be weird) even pencilled in 2 hours in my diary on 21st, but I found myself in the Jenners restaurant, enjoying an Empire biscuit whilst colour-coding my sent items.