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IT'S HOLIDAY SEASON. LET'S FIND OUT WHERE THE TEAM ARE GOING. Today's holiday star is Yvonne! #ExecSpaceOnTour https://t.co/zLJvllVj3v
RT @venuelior: A big HELLO to our new followers this morning! @ABCEventsLtd @FishtankGroup @ExecSpace. Please give us a RT :)
The team were at @MurrayfieldExp this evening for a tour of the stadiums event space. Thank you to Lynn and Nicole! https://t.co/P2zKd2f7DP
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 I started ExecSpace in a saturated market with no clients, contacts and at the start of one of the worst recessions the UK has seen. As I had no experience of the industry and no knowledge of the events and accommodation business, rather than build a business based on how it’s always been done, we built a business on what our clients were saying they needed and wanted from an agent. Since 2008 we have grown from strength to strength. I believe this is true testament to the highly experienced and passionate team at ExecSpace and because we are offering a better service to our clients than our competitors. Our service is simple, efficient and our client is always at the centre of everything we do
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